Saturday, September 01, 2007

CTU Announces Agreement: Delegate Vote Questioned

See the deal for yourself:
CTU Tentative Agreement 2007-2012

Meeting Video:

see what really happened at last night's House of delegates' meeting:
CTU Contract Meeting Aug 31, 2007

CTU Contract Meeting Aug 31, 2007 (roll call)

CTU Contract Meeting Aug 31, 2007 (sit down)


Anonymous said...

The really insulting idea is that Debbie's people would even highlight weaknesses in the contract that were created under her negotiating team. This contract, although it has some less than ideal points, is a fair sight better then the one Debbie brought forth. At least the Stewart team gave the contract to the delegates before the media...Debbie told the media she brought home the whole pig.....she makes me want to become vegetarian!

Anonymous said...

...If I want to fight for a better contract, does that make me one of 'Debbie's people?' After all, the people at my school turned in two sets of no votes on the last contract too. At some point our union is going to have to fight for the respect we deserve from the city, and while we're at it, let's also get past seeing each other as members of opposing camps.

Anonymous said...

Are the dues going to increase?? The CTU people have better insurance, a bigger Annuity, & drivers back!! The legislators just voted themselves a 13% raise! What do they pay for insurance since it's a part time job! Do you think they could pass a 5th gr. ISAT test? The schools need to be air conditioned rather than pass out water to the students! Let's put the Mayor in the an inner city school & let him teach an overcrowded class with no books or materials for a month! Don't tell us what to do when you haven't walked in our shoes. Babysitters get paid more!!

Anonymous said...

Why is this blog censored by CPS filters? I was at school trying to look up comments on the approval vote and couldn't access this. Filtered. Category=Miscellaneous. It reeks.

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