Friday, June 15, 2007

When Will NBCT's Get The Bonus?

Every year it is late. ISBE drags it feet and the CPS tries to outdo ISBE by working at a snail's pace.

If we don't get it soon, I'm calling the Governor.

This song is for all of you at ISBE and CPS payroll.


Anonymous said...

This site/blog has gotten ridiculous. When a teacher/former teacher/webmaster, or whatever Victor is, finds the news of the day to be an outdated UTube song version of "I Want My Money" important or even humorous, I find it unprofessional and someone with nothing better to do with their time. Same with the Taylor Mali UTube.

Suggestion: Positive vs. Negative goes a long way. An intelligent discussion of pervasive educational issues would certainly be a better use of space and research time. Deleting old material such as old postings and again, UTube videos, might also be a good thing. Perhaps, whether you like it or not, there are important issues that need to be addressed...correcting a bad contract and gaining educational funding for the children that are our future. There was a fair election. Teachers have spoken. Live with it in the present, not the past, move on and start making an effort to move things forward!

Or, choose to sit in an "ivory tower" posting videos that even an elementary student wouldn't be interested in.

UNITY IS HELPFUL to achieve goals. This kind of negativity is childish, lacks professionalism and if and when the general public or media get a hold of this kind of inane diatribe, it makes the teaching profession look far less than the professionals they are and the credit they deserve.

Victor said...

Gee thanks Mom.

Nag, nag, nag.

Shouldn't you be checking the interest you have earned on your inflated union payroll? How many teachers' dues does it take to pay for your salary?

I think I would posit it is not wisely spent if you are, at 4:25pm, reading and commenting on my blog.

Back to work UPC drone!

Leave those of us with independent thinking skills intact alone already.

Anonymous said...


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